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Crazy Miner for Windows 8 is the endless digging game that will keep you on your toes until the very last block has been dug!
Crazy Miner Dave is hard at work trying to find all the precious metals and stones that he can, but he needs your help getting the job done. Dave will give you a map of the world and some basic tools to help you get started and it’s up to you to earn your way to better levels and better tools through digging up every block in the world!
Check your progression and statistics regularly and share screenshots of your statistics on Facebook and Twitter to show your friends how far you’ve gotten! See what level you can get to!
Different Block Types:
– Grass Blocks
– Dirt Blocks
– Sand Blocks
– Stone Blocks
– Silver Blocks
– Gold Blocks
– Diamond Blocks
– Gems
– Lava Blocks
This is an adventure game that you don’t want to miss! Get in on the digging fun today!